Here we have Wade Driver giving us a suggestive solution to the big stinky problem that is the state of our state … We musicians and artists don’t and cannot sit back and let the tainted “PRODUCTS” that comprise our media menu to continue without at least a “Reply” in the form of radicalism, revolution, and a reposturing of the way expression is mandated and distributed.

Youtopian Times

Wade Driver has started an all inclusive art movement called USE or Underground Sonic Energy, in resistance to things plastic and insincere. In a fb quote I copy/pasted, Wade had this to say “being a musician, i feel that getting the information out there (many of my friends don’t even know what the NDAA is) is important…there are those who would say, “you shouldn’t mix politics with entertainment”…i say, we don’t have that luxury anymore…EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL!!!”

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