captjrab/Baba O’Terry O’Riley

Reading the Captain’s thoughts on the process of combining these seemingly in-cohesive jumble of blips and noises into a truly intensive formula that amounts to learning the “violin”or “Tablas” is what gets my attention.
As I’m listening and peeking here and there to watch, I’m noticing a change in the sound … it goes from a build up of electronic auras to a slow vibration of spectral syncopation

Seems like we have a perfect match of the known and the unknown.
I think we would both agree that there is no “one RIGHT way” to do this type of production, but ……… there IS a WRONG way.
R Sloan

Youtopian Times

Electronic music improvisation is one of my new favorite exercises. Ideally whatever I do musically will filter back into the songwriting process. I hope to discover through sound collage a new combination of notes, changes, clusters, pedal tones, melodies or even poetic ideas and imagery. I collect sounds all the time. In fact, I’m a sound hoarder. I’ve used tapes a lot over the years, but now I got a Critter and Guitari Kaleidoloop which is just what I’ve always needed to record, loop and manipulate found sounds. It’s so easy to use that I pass it around to the kids I hang out with and they love it and go bananas with it. The Pocket Piano Midi (also C&G) is great too. Alone it sounds like a video game soundtrack, but once plugged into an amp it transcends it’s toy nature. It has great potential in the Acid Mothers…

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