5 February 2011 post: Marcel Duchamp, Selected Works & Interview

There are too many out there who claim to be experts on the (wo)man, but I give credit where it is due.
WELL done. We share an obsession, passion, algebraic nonsensical reasoning for the comet headed one from the future, who helped to engender the margins by use of his Aristocratic permanence.


Selected Interview:

To Change Names, Simply
Interview of Marcel Duchamp
on Canadian Radio Television, July 17, 1960
(translated by Sarah Skinner Kilborne)

GUY VIAU. Marcel Duchamp, what power do you attribute to humor?

MARCEL DUCHAMP. A great power; humor was a sort of savior so to speak because, before, art was such a serious thing, so pontifical that I was very happy when I discovered that I could introduce humor into it. And that was truly a period of discovery. The discovery of humor was a liberation. And not humor in the sense “humorist” of humor, but “humor” humoristic of humor. Humor is something much more profound and more serious and more difficult to define. It’s not only about laughing. There’s a humor that is black humor which doesn’t inspire laughter and which doesn’t please at all. Which is a thing in itself, which is a new feeling so to…

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