Light Rail Studios Recording Services

LIGHT RAIL STUDIOS … change happens when you’re all growed up
It was about 1995 when I first heard about a small space down off of Bayshore Ave in China Basin where some friends of mine had been renting out a rehearsal space for their band. my first impression, not having seen the place, was in regards to the monthly cost … it seemed outrageous considering there were 2 other bands splitting the rent, making each “burner” pay one third of one third of the monthly rental. still … expensive. however, not really. considering this was San Francisco and it was an industrial area where VOLUME was no issue, and I was only used to rehearsing in ppl’s homes in the Central Valley .. FREE!

Not long after that, they would be noticed by the head audio engineer that worked up front in the recording studio – the details aren’t mine, and I’m not so sure how all of these great ppl ended up bringing myself and the band I was drumming for into the fold, but it was transcendent magic, for sure.

fast forward thru years of making records, doing too many drugs, switching facilities a couple times, saying goodbye to many great creative ppl, and beyond having the time of our lives – as you should do when you are young and in your twenties and we arrive at he same head audio engineer, with a new space, new partner(s) and a DIY decadence that could only happen by remaining connected to the ppl that you knew from way back when. This place is GOLD!! it’s a bit of a secret as some clientele are kinda “up there” and the level of professionalism has morphed organically. Although I’m not there as often as I could and should be, I can tell you that they know what they are doing and have some amazing equipment — from pre-amps to actual huge German plate reverb chambers to systems designed for the Grateful Dead, guitar amps of all tube-types, etc. and if they don’t directly own it, it can be had within an hour or so. The ceiling in the main recording room is so high, that I’m not even gonna guess as 15′ is considered the lowest you can have and still be a professional studio (it’s way more than that)
here is their www … even if you’re in no need of such info .. check out the new www

tell them I sent you… : )


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