As we agree to new stipulations regarding the places we upload and share the music we create … for free … there is a newly felt oddness that has crept into my 5 or 6 soundcloud accounts that make me feel like they don’t want me having 5 or 6 different accounts.
But the issue is that I have several “bands” to upload; stuff from the past. A LOT of it. as well as a constant flow of new music that may be created by myself only, but there are major differences in several approaches I take to creating the stuff I create, which I just cannot upload all under one name. so what is the answer?


I was told yea5s ago to ditch soundcloud for YouTube in light of the rights you retain to your content and the accessibility that YouTube has over soundcloud. so I’m following Elton Ridge’s advice and starting to do simple garagebandmobile uploads to (one or two of my) YouTube (channels). there’s just a photo to chose as a static image place holder, but that’s fine … it’s MUSIC and should be heard, to seen.

CLICK HERE for my new audio music piece


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