About #transcendentalaccidentalism … wtf is it?

Ryan Sloan
aka RxSloan, ryanbsloan, navanaxink™, transcendentalaccidentalism, transaccidentalism, and more …

Conceptualism rose out of the minimalist movement .. at least that’s how the books have arranged “art movements” in a simple linear staircase, which is decade incremental to make things easier for that which is out of order, re-traces its linearity, and is forever attempting to grant exceptions to those that did not play by the commonwealth or shoot from the grand narrative canon.  Eventually, the idea itself would became the the accepted marker for a finalized piece. It’s no mistake that the original anti-establishment punk rocker of the art world, Marcel Duchamp had said that “..the artist of the future will simply point at a thing, thereby naming it art …” which sounds all too similar to what we do with our digital tablets, apps, and invisible data media applied to more non-existant data substrates which is ever more increasingly not important to enter the world of the physical. digital representations of sounds/music, videos and ‘Art objects, happenings, tweets, “post/request glitch” groups are widely becoming the convention of the  unconventional, absurdist, and never on purpose. The area of greatest interest and importance to me lies in the theories and conceptual framework behind the subject of Semiotics, and the writings of the postmodern theorists/philosophers, ex. Jean Baudrillard, Jean F Lyotard, Ferdinand de Saussare and Jacques Lacan (post-Fruedian psychologist whose ideas and theory make best use of the palpatable theories found in the analysis of the human mind and its peculiar development outside of survival in the food-chain, as it were). Marcel Duchamp epitomizes the contemporary artist in my opinion and I have every quirk and pundent of his life’s work catalogued in my brain, or so I think until another artist, philosopher, educator turns my attention to something more profoundly applicable in contemporary social terms i.e. working with Dr Amalia Mesa-Bains in a seemingly non-existent manner to bring her grossly autobiographical digital images into the realm of the physical by using my exponential skills  with Adobe Photoshop and knowledge of pre-press, which have not been tapped back into since as my visual schematic for digital collage has been used and held in a pattern which is not my own, or so it seems to be . My formal academic experience lies within the California State University Sytem as well as the Community College board as both a student and employee; a very unique and special experience that had my hired as adjunct faculty the semester out of my BA.

Intermedia and the self manifested concept of #transcendentalaccidentalism are the results of years of studying, practicing, and developing my own vernacular have come to these times where I have matured as an artist and “Mujician” –

<img src=”https://rxsloan.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/img_4258.png&#8221;


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