NAVANAX INK™ is the ‘faux inc’ which is staffed by Ryan Sloan (@RxSloan) to co-produce form and content with CapJRab

Some basics about UT™ by cJr (J Lee)
UTOPIAN TIMES in  is here to challenge, disorient or even better, reorient your world view.
On behalf of myself and RX (, welcome to UT. We aim to bring you experimental sound, video, photos, commentary and groks, sights, sounds, ideas, poetry and interviews with interesting people. We aim to get outside the usual conditioning and bring back with us the consciousness of the free quantum parallel universe of joy, bliss, darkness, humor or whatever you make of it. This site is our oasis off of fb and other .gov sites. We hope alot of people don’t bother checking us out. We are not trying to be popular or commercial. Our one mission is to be free to do what ever we like and link/share wherever to whomever may randomly like it. RX and I are on a quest for synchronicity and spontaneous composition, mixing our own minimal sounds with those found and filtered through our laboratories. We have already generated plenty of content for your viewing/listening pleasure and active participation. We look forward to your constructive and respectful input.



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