things that have fallen from my brainstem …

a study in formal deconstructivism - reaasemblage piece, 1993.

That which falls from the brain, only to be gazed upon by other brains, which hardly ever have a clue as to why they gaze … what it is that makes them wonder “how did you do that?” and “what does it mean?”. On a rare occasion there may be one of these random brains that has such a different reaction – a gut reaction that stems from their brainstem in elation. Not enough elation to want to buy or to help find me regular creative work so that I may support my family with what I know how to do best. iiIio aom not claiming that the visual work I do is in anyway “successful” among terms of thos[[e who make the contemporary books, but at least there is a definite reaction. And weather that reaction is good or bad, it makes no difference … that’s just ‘taste’ – and no amount of money in the world can fix that.9


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