Taming a lion is easy .. just a small chair and a whip. But tigers are a bit tougher since the chair needs to be either leather or a recliner or both w/o the whip
Jacques Lucan defined the human subject through “lack”, forever attempting to reconnect with the whole of the universe we were separated from via the anus, penis, mouth, and vagina as we emerged from the Omelette stage
No one let’s purple over the blue wall .. even if purple is half way to blue
and keep it company, then show them how to process it out in the jungle for a more immediate effect



Stephen Malkmus | Blackbird / Citadel from Hifi Farms on Vimeo.


As we agree to new stipulations regarding the places we upload and share the music we create … for free … there is a newly felt oddness that has crept into my 5 or 6 soundcloud accounts that make me feel like they don’t want me having 5 or 6 different accounts.
But the issue is that I have several “bands” to upload; stuff from the past. A LOT of it. as well as a constant flow of new music that may be created by myself only, but there are major differences in several approaches I take to creating the stuff I create, which I just cannot upload all under one name. so what is the answer?


I was told yea5s ago to ditch soundcloud for YouTube in light of the rights you retain to your content and the accessibility that YouTube has over soundcloud. so I’m following Elton Ridge’s advice and starting to do simple garagebandmobile uploads to (one or two of my) YouTube (channels). there’s just a photo to chose as a static image place holder, but that’s fine … it’s MUSIC and should be heard, to seen.

CLICK HERE for my new audio music piece

▶ #transcendentalaccidentalism Martin DM on the back slab – YouTube

Photo of Sunset shows Venus higher on the horizon line … a not too rare event, but rare to grab a photo of it such as this while driving  … don’t WP & Drive

what a mess … sorry for the music from the future

The End of All Signification | #transcendentalaccidentalism


New Mystical SubReligous Episode Seventy v1.2 Source: The End of All Signification

Source: The End of All Signification | #transcendentalaccidentalism

The End of All Signification

my vernacular
my vernacular
my vernacular
my vernacular

New Mystical SubReligous Episode Seventy v1.2

Source: The End of All Signification

Revising the Revisionist


“there are flies in your ice cream”

“I know”

“and your still gonna eat it?”

“uhh, yeah … why let a few nusciances ruin such delicious colors. besides, if I threw it out and got more, there would eventually be flies in that, too …

why? do you not want art if it’s not to your taste?”

“taste? what does ice cream have to do with art?”


taste Is the variable which presupposes all art. No matter how successful art maybe upon the critical level or the monetary level, or both – there will always be this thing we call taste, which Marcel Duchamp called the algebraic variable in the equation of art. 

there is no accounting for it. Perhaps it is what we referred to as the “sublime”. that unexplainable thing that hits us and we know that it’s working for us. of course taste is never confined to the art world. it permeates the clothes you wear the food you eat the car you drive the things you may watch on television and movies you see the books you read down to the beverages you drink and the size and color of your toilet seat. 

but do we go to other people’s homes and tell them that their toilet seat is the wrong color,  that the show they are watching on television is not funny, and do we tell them that that brand of beer is unacceptable? sure we may scoff privately over the shoes another person is wearing, or we may even envy them, but do we vocalize it? sometimes, perhaps. but not without a strong grasp on the facts of the situation which has you questioning the taste of another individual or group of individuals. after all, we may be laughing at the choices made by another without realizing that there is great sentiment attached to them, they are a result of monetary insufficiency, or simple lack of experience. 

we are at a spoon on the trail … a knife in the river … a fork in the Gulf Stream when it comes to art, and I am certain we have been for some time and will be from here on out. to make claim to something – a movement before it has been established, and established on grounds of blatant ignorance which stands to uproot the very thing which is being forced to grow seems incredible, yet considering the state of education, the lack of art and art discourse in all communities, and the attitude of privelage and within the culturally bankrupted individual and those sheeple that are looking to fit-in, it’s fully expected.