Final Cut Pro video .. cut “pro” specifically for the song

that accompanies the visuals.


Reduce, Re USE, Recyle … your vines and iG loops

when it was suggested that we reduce, re-use, and recycle, they could not have known that computer/digital data would be a part of this paradigm, or could they?

it is not as if the growing mountains of garbage and non-biodegradable refuse which had statistician analysts predicting that we would be covered in our own pvc laden feces by the year 2001 could have understood that what they were asserting was not only peculiar in terms of fad/fashion and at risk of being a general trend amongst the populous, but they could also not have known that the non-degradable soiled diapers that were in fact merely digital simulacrum of the diaper volcanos set to erupt at any given year in the future could carry with them a tangible stench akin to profit margins and corporate greed based on capital and they idea that virtual data/material never disappears – and in most cases it actually compounds upon itself in the form of copies of copies of duplicates and cache based structures.

in 1996, while attending CSU Monterey Bay, the obvious nature of the importance of recycling and its two sisters were here to stay, with only a few instances of fadistic fashion which were used when other current even tusks were not applicable. Living in California coastal towns with small populations has a way of making the environment immediate. seeing a plastic bag or fork sticking in the sunset at the beach was most likely the result of some asshole tourists on a weekend trip from where they lived … which was in fact where I had lived not long before. inland California does not resemble the rest of the state at all. Central Valley inland California may as well be the Midwestern United States with its geologic ancient sea floor flatness that never modulates outside of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mtns, and the same can be said of its politics. it is a hard turn to the right with a scant desolation amongst those that have been to see how our culture is truly defined and understand the connectedness amongst all people … rather than the isolationist dogma that still permeates the idea that possessions and mortgage define identity – not character or integrity, as they would have you assume as 80% of the population are killed or at least traumatized as the newly leased SUV collides with the public transport bus on its inefficienct right turn into the digital realm of the looping 15 seconds of infamy … there’s no longer anywhere to hide as cameras are everywhere on the streets, tho you would not necessarily know it. the amount of data that video is carving into the digital economy of public surveillance is astounding. what is done with these terabytes of terabytes of data?

I certainly hope they are not tossing it all into an iCloud, BOX, OneDrive, etc .. because no one wants digital diapers to over-power the data that sits in the cloud that we need. and when all is said and done, and a solar flare or polarity shift renders all information stored in these clouds actual, who will be caught without a data-umbrella in the rainstorm of stank and stale old videos taken of some idiots smoking reefer at the intersection of Willow & Van Ness? not me. and to make sure I’ve done my part – I am re assembling and reusing my vines and Instagram videos into YouTube longer length collaged video … as seen in the link for this blogpost.


GET apps+  in-app indentured servitude (re-read terms & conditions and the link to all things #AppleBad)


  • I drafted this blogpost a long time ago. When the obvious was becoming not quite so obvious, but still discoverable without much financial impact on a personal level. However, as I am going back to edit this with the intent to publish, I’ve been left questioning the entire computing industry, and am developing the same mistrust and feeling of being burnt by a company that I really didn’t have a choice to trust when I jumped into graphic design, fine art prints, professional level audio engineering, and currently a intermedia fluxus leap into all of these things and more that my first G3 blue Yosemite Macintosh tower could never do. They may make the best products on the computing market for what I use them for, but after reading the entirety of the second link in this blogpost, I’m not sure I should be paying any tax on anything Apple. Nor do I believe anyone in the computing industry has the desire to do anything for any living thing, including the universe at large. 

VJay, huh? so a free app has me seeing the hilarity of using other peoples’ music to cut-up and make new content and form with. I suppose in this situation it might be a bit slippery, however its intended purpose has nothing to do with money, notoriety, plagiarism, or even satire, as all in all it simply made me laugh (which is all I’m expecting with these endeavors). There is a stream of seriousness in cyberville about who owns what, the loss of privacy, and the death of MANY INDUSTRIES at the invisible hands of the binary dotcommie.

Personally I’m interested in seeing what else we lose in the process of trying to feed FREE Apps (since drafting this, the vernacular shifted to: GET Apps) to EVERYONE so that they may forget what’s going on around them on planet earth and dive into a sucker-filled, in-app purchasing giant to explode your debt load all over your face and down the legs and arms of your children and spouses, who themselves have their “borrowed” app’s held hostage from being in “the real”, “the now” without updates until that debt is paid and increased. 

In terms of capitalism, the way in which this hybridized simulacrum of hyper-reality manifolds it’s way into the end user’s night-terrors is brilliant. I had thought for some time that it wasn’t such a big thing and only affected a demographic that was latent in finding the “GREAT ZERO” within their creative work – visual art, music, audio engineering, and (if you’re doing something with purpose) possibly a bit of contemporary social critique. But I forgot about all of those apps that I never pay attention to – the ones that have in-app purchases up the arthole  …

GAMES. I won’t claim that these games have no value in contemporary culture, because they do. But they have only limited value for a certain set of people and that set – that demographic is usually not able to play such games. I will also say that for a young developing mind, they can be outwardly encouraging in areas of problem solving and pushing determination to the point of needing a new mobile device. But they also perpetuate the binaristic stance that will inevitably destroy everything … That there must be a loser and there must be a winner. And teamwork might be addressed, but remote  teamwork is like texting; the worst form of human communication in terms of comprehensive meaning that we allow as a common, everyday form in the content we spew. For some interesting current info on the topic of games in education, you might want to read this. Tho the source is only mildly occasionally pathetic, don’t let it stop you – there some real NEWS in there. 

  1. Gaming Apps in the classroom & iPad/Apple textbooks

This is the link that pushed me into my position for 2016 … I am in no way supporting any alternative here, as all Android and Windows based machines and Companies are equally terrible while providing an awful line of crappy products. But in case you don’t know about Apple Criticism and how evil evil computers can get … read it all. 

  2. #AppleBad

▶ #transcendentalaccidentalism Martin DM on the back slab – YouTube

Photo of Sunset shows Venus higher on the horizon line … a not too rare event, but rare to grab a photo of it such as this while driving  … don’t WP & Drive

what a mess … sorry for the music from the future

The End of All Signification | #transcendentalaccidentalism


New Mystical SubReligous Episode Seventy v1.2 Source: The End of All Signification

Source: The End of All Signification | #transcendentalaccidentalism

The End of All Signification

my vernacular
my vernacular
my vernacular
my vernacular

New Mystical SubReligous Episode Seventy v1.2

Source: The End of All Signification

Revising the Revisionist


“there are flies in your ice cream”

“I know”

“and your still gonna eat it?”

“uhh, yeah … why let a few nusciances ruin such delicious colors. besides, if I threw it out and got more, there would eventually be flies in that, too …

why? do you not want art if it’s not to your taste?”

“taste? what does ice cream have to do with art?”


taste Is the variable which presupposes all art. No matter how successful art maybe upon the critical level or the monetary level, or both – there will always be this thing we call taste, which Marcel Duchamp called the algebraic variable in the equation of art. 

there is no accounting for it. Perhaps it is what we referred to as the “sublime”. that unexplainable thing that hits us and we know that it’s working for us. of course taste is never confined to the art world. it permeates the clothes you wear the food you eat the car you drive the things you may watch on television and movies you see the books you read down to the beverages you drink and the size and color of your toilet seat. 

but do we go to other people’s homes and tell them that their toilet seat is the wrong color,  that the show they are watching on television is not funny, and do we tell them that that brand of beer is unacceptable? sure we may scoff privately over the shoes another person is wearing, or we may even envy them, but do we vocalize it? sometimes, perhaps. but not without a strong grasp on the facts of the situation which has you questioning the taste of another individual or group of individuals. after all, we may be laughing at the choices made by another without realizing that there is great sentiment attached to them, they are a result of monetary insufficiency, or simple lack of experience. 

we are at a spoon on the trail … a knife in the river … a fork in the Gulf Stream when it comes to art, and I am certain we have been for some time and will be from here on out. to make claim to something – a movement before it has been established, and established on grounds of blatant ignorance which stands to uproot the very thing which is being forced to grow seems incredible, yet considering the state of education, the lack of art and art discourse in all communities, and the attitude of privelage and within the culturally bankrupted individual and those sheeple that are looking to fit-in, it’s fully expected. 

Light Rail Studios Recording Services

LIGHT RAIL STUDIOS … change happens when you’re all growed up
It was about 1995 when I first heard about a small space down off of Bayshore Ave in China Basin where some friends of mine had been renting out a rehearsal space for their band. my first impression, not having seen the place, was in regards to the monthly cost … it seemed outrageous considering there were 2 other bands splitting the rent, making each “burner” pay one third of one third of the monthly rental. still … expensive. however, not really. considering this was San Francisco and it was an industrial area where VOLUME was no issue, and I was only used to rehearsing in ppl’s homes in the Central Valley .. FREE!

Not long after that, they would be noticed by the head audio engineer that worked up front in the recording studio – the details aren’t mine, and I’m not so sure how all of these great ppl ended up bringing myself and the band I was drumming for into the fold, but it was transcendent magic, for sure.

fast forward thru years of making records, doing too many drugs, switching facilities a couple times, saying goodbye to many great creative ppl, and beyond having the time of our lives – as you should do when you are young and in your twenties and we arrive at he same head audio engineer, with a new space, new partner(s) and a DIY decadence that could only happen by remaining connected to the ppl that you knew from way back when. This place is GOLD!! it’s a bit of a secret as some clientele are kinda “up there” and the level of professionalism has morphed organically. Although I’m not there as often as I could and should be, I can tell you that they know what they are doing and have some amazing equipment — from pre-amps to actual huge German plate reverb chambers to systems designed for the Grateful Dead, guitar amps of all tube-types, etc. and if they don’t directly own it, it can be had within an hour or so. The ceiling in the main recording room is so high, that I’m not even gonna guess as 15′ is considered the lowest you can have and still be a professional studio (it’s way more than that)
here is their www … even if you’re in no need of such info .. check out the new www


tell them I sent you… : )