Efficient Manipulation of Pixels Found on the Internet

Art can do a lot of things. It can also not do anything and be a waste of time.

Sometimes it can do a lot in a very compacted and simple way with very little effort, but that takes a certain ability that involves paying attention to both formal and conceptual .potentials between multiple representations and wether or not the form they are in can be used practically.

Everything I make comes from images found on the internet. If I come across something that screams at me with potential for a convincing visual narrative, I’ll save it and anything else I might need to add to make it convincing enough to tell a complex story with the most efficient and least amount of work. When I first started to make image composites with layers it was 1996 and both photoshop and the layers function it came to be known for were in up to v3.5. It wasn’t an application you could just buy because the price was out of reach even for some universities . That was a contributing factor for me to transfer from a Cal State University that had one copy on one staff member’s PowerMac in her private office to the newest and State University at that time which because of its proximity to SiliconValley seemed like a logical step for the availability of  new software to use in the Visual & Public Art major.

I eventually bought my first copy of photoshop which came with a set of  8 or 9 3.5” floppy disks for installation through the University book store for a little over $100, which was about 80% of the retail cost. Back then there were no images on the “new” internet that were at a high enough resolution to be able to use for anything. WiFi did not exist yet and digital cameras were 2 megapixels at best with a $2k price tag … and again unusable because of their resolution. The only way to get images in to work with was through flatbed scanners and analog cameras. (Cell phones didn’t have cameras and very few people had them. They  took a lot of time to scan as processor speed and RAM memory on the powermacs we used was not even close to what is in a typical hand held device these days.

Speaking of which, I make these digital collages on an iPad Pro in Procreate (sometimes Autodesk Sketchbook) and post them to my instagram feed. These two pieces took about 10 minutes to make each one and they are delicious in their ability to speak the truth without words



It has been awhile since I’ve posted anything here. It’s a little daunting keeping up with all of the platforms for putting your “stuff”. I used to be a facebook poster, but facebook lost its charm a long time ago. There is something incredibly disconnecting about the way it started connecting me to people. From people I have never met in person to extended family that I have not seen in years, there is something truly wrong about the way it feels like a community while selling your translatable data off to ensure further mining of our lives. I eventually became iG only after Vine fell. Vine was awesome, but it’s nice how some people adapted from vine into bigger options. I just tend to think that there was something a little too good about Vine that caused its downfall which probably had to do with not being able to reinforce beliefs that people already have or exposing people to alternate truths that could corrode those that are afraid of us.

WordPress is definitely the best option for creative and technical control with assurance that you are pretty safe unless you don’t care about that stuff. But because there are so many options it’s a little more involved than posting an image or video to Instagram and throwing up a caption with hashtags. And I have a tendency to divide my identities into multiple accounts with whatever I do, which is probably my biggest problem.

These are excuses for all of the things I have not posted and all of the replies to people in facebook that I haven’t gotten to. I am considering sticking with WordPress only if Instagram gets any more like facebook and starts to lose its anonymity.

In the mean time here is a cut section of some digital work that I am compelled to do wether it employs me or not.




Contemporary Collages for the Digital Age (that hates digital art)

My other WordPress at #transcendentalaccidentalism has a bit more in depth beginning into a multipart posting of these works, so for now this will just be mostly visual representation of certain events of late, with an added reference to objects and things in no rational paradigm in an absurdist stance that mimics the political phenomenon of 2016-17 in the United States. Enjoy the Misrepresentation…


Taming a lion is easy .. just a small chair and a whip. But tigers are a bit tougher since the chair needs to be either leather or a recliner or both w/o the whip
Jacques Lucan defined the human subject through “lack”, forever attempting to reconnect with the whole of the universe we were separated from via the anus, penis, mouth, and vagina as we emerged from the Omelette stage
No one let’s purple over the blue wall .. even if purple is half way to blue
and keep it company, then show them how to process it out in the jungle for a more immediate effect