GLITCHES…… ok, wtf?

EVERYWHERE WE SEE AN OLD BRAND OF NEW ‘FAD ART’ that goes by the name of teh “GLITCH”
When this obsession for the nostalgia of the broken frame, the V-Hold adjustment that was always something to be frustrated about – NOT celebrated and mass-produced on a Walter Benjamin Essay’s possible connection. The first time I saw #glitchart on the caliber of the exemplary, it was on Twitter @PadrickBentley … I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. But I still needed more answers as such large questions loomed over the implications and layers of form and content. When I asked Padrick about an image; whether it was a glitch or not, his answer was odd and brought me to a more comfortable place to decide what a glitch really was and what cultural impact it was conveying or having upon the social conscious of the world.His observation was that the image in question was ‘Subjective’, so yes, indeed it was a glitch. Somewhat broad of a qualifier, but as I soon found out – not really.
Well, whatever – go look at Padrick Bentley’s work on Twitter, then take a look at my new found #transcendentalaccidentalism discovery … which brought many new hashtags along with it
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